Effects of internal pH on the acetylcholine transporter of synaptic vesicles.


Uptake of acetylcholine (ACh) by synaptic vesicles isolated from the electric organ of Torpedo was induced with an artificially imposed proton gradient. The gradient was formed by hyposmotic lysis and resealing of vesicles in a low pH buffer to form vesicular ghosts followed by sudden elevation of the pH of the ghost suspension. [3H]ACh accumulated rapidly, the proton gradient collapsed spontaneously within 5 min as monitored by [14C]methylamine uptake, and the accumulated ACh leaked out of the ghosts after 5 min. Vesamicol blocked both uptake and efflux of the [3H]ACh, demonstrating that both processes are mediated by the ACh transporter. The protonophore nigericin also blocked uptake very potently. Specific uptake was titrated with variable concentrations of [3H]ACh. It exhibited Km and Vmax values of approximately 200-500 microM and 7-30 nmol [3H]ACh/mg at 5 min, respectively, which are values close to those commonly observed for ATP-dependent uptake by intact vesicles. Specific uptake by ghosts was titrated with variable internal pH and constant external pH. It exhibited maximal uptake between internal pH 4.5 and 5.5. The dependence was very steep and could be fit best by assuming that the active form of the transporter requires protonation of two internal sites of apparent pK value of 5.3 +/- 0.2. A similar result was obtained when the uptake was titrated with variable internal pH with a constant thermodynamic driving force maintained by keeping the external pH approximately 2.6 units higher. The origin of the transport inhibition that sets in at very low internal pH values is not clear.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


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