Effects of increasing the fibre content of a layer diet.

  title={Effects of increasing the fibre content of a layer diet.},
  author={O. G. Longe},
  journal={British poultry science},
  volume={25 2},
The fibre content of a basal diet fed to laying hens was increased from 149.2 g to between 218.6 and 292.3 g/kg by the inclusion of various fibrous farm wastes and by-products at 200 g/kg diet. The fibrous ingredients lowered the metabolisable energy (ME) of the basal diet from 11.82 to between 9.31 and 11.21 MJ/kg. Utilisation (g food/kg egg) of the basal diet was not significantly different from values for diets containing maize cob, cassava or maize starch residues. The diet containing maize… CONTINUE READING