Effects of hydroflumethiazide in congestive heart failure: renal electrolyte excretion related to urinary thiazide excretion and aldosterone.

  title={Effects of hydroflumethiazide in congestive heart failure: renal electrolyte excretion related to urinary thiazide excretion and aldosterone.},
  author={O. Br{\o}rs and E. Enger and S. Jacobsen and A. Aakvaag and O. P. Foss},
  journal={Acta pharmacologica et toxicologica},
  volume={49 5},
The effect of hydroflumethiazide (HFT) on renal excretion of sodium, chloride, and potassium was studied in congestive heart failure and related to urinary excretion of thiazide and aldosterone. HFT 75 or 150 mg was administered orally once daily for 4 days to 8 male patients with roentgenological evidence of enlarged heart and slight or no peripheral oedema receiving digitalis and controlled diet. Urinary excretion of HFT did not change after repeated doses, whereas urinary excretion of a… Expand
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Effect of repeated doses of hydroflumethiazide on renal excretion of electrolytes and uric acid in healthy subjects.
In the state of fluid deficiency and elevated aldosterone concentration, there was a significant positive correlation between log excretion rate of HFT and excretion Rate of sodium (r=0.68, P less than 0.001) but was probably influenced by other factors as well. Expand
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