Effects of hippocampal lesions on patterned motor learning in the rat.

  title={Effects of hippocampal lesions on patterned motor learning in the rat.},
  author={Thomas J Gould and W. B. Rowe and Karen L. Heman and Michael H Mesches and David A. Young and Gregory M. Rose and Paula C Bickford},
  journal={Brain research bulletin},
  volume={58 6},
Motor skill learning in rats has been linked to cerebellar function as well as to cortical and striatal influences. The present study evaluated the contribution of the hippocampus to motor learning. Adult male rats received electrolytic lesions designed to selectively destroy the hippocampus; a sham-lesioned group of animals served as a control. The animals with hippocampal lesions acquired a patterned motor learning task as well as sham controls. In contrast, rats with hippocampal lesions were… CONTINUE READING

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