Effects of hachimijiogan, tokishakuyakusan, keishibukuryogan, ninjinto and unkeito on estrogen and progesterone secretion in preovulatory follicles incubated in vitro.

  title={Effects of hachimijiogan, tokishakuyakusan, keishibukuryogan, ninjinto and unkeito on estrogen and progesterone secretion in preovulatory follicles incubated in vitro.},
  author={S. Usuki},
  journal={The American journal of Chinese medicine},
  volume={19 1},
  • S. Usuki
  • Published 1991
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The American journal of Chinese medicine
Ovarian follicles, removed from 10-week old rats at 1630 hours diestrus-2, 1100 and 2300 hours proestrus, were incubated for 120 minutes with various doses of Hachimijiogan (HJ), Tokishakuyakusan (TS), Keishibukuryogan (KB), Ninjinto (NT) and Unkeito (UT). The estradiol-17 beta (E2) and progesterone concentrations in the incubation medium were measured. The concentrations of E2 were significantly decreased with TS and KB by growing follicles and with HJ, TS and KB by preovulatory follicles… Expand
Endocrinological actions of Unkei-to, a herbal medicine, and its clinical usefulness in anovulatory and/or infertile women
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Stimulatory Effect of the Herbal Medicine Keishi‐bukuryo‐gan on a Cytokine‐induced Neutrophil Chemoattractant, in Rat Ovarian Cell Culture
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The evaluation of endocrine regulators after intramuscular and oral application of cyanogenic glycoside amygdalin in rabbits
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Effects of the traditional Japanese medicine Unkei-to on the corticotropin-releasing factor–induced increase in locomotor activity
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The Herbal Medicine Unkei‐to Stimulates the Secretion of a Cytokine‐induced Neutrophil Chemoattractant, CINC/gro, in the Rat Ovarian Cell Culture
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The Herbal Medicine Unkei‐To Stimulates Cytokine‐Induced Neutrophil Chemoattractant Production in the Pituitary Folliculo‐Stellate—Like Cell Line (TtT/GF)
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Investigation on Chinese herbal medicine for primary dysmenorrhea: implication from a nationwide prescription database in Taiwan.
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