Effects of gypsum, sulfur, terraclor and terraclor super-x for potato scab control

  title={Effects of gypsum, sulfur, terraclor and terraclor super-x for potato scab control},
  author={James R. Davis and Jay G. Garner and Richard Callihan},
  journal={American Potato Journal},
An investigation was made to determine possible effects of gypsum and sulfur for control of common scab of potato [Streptomyces scabies (Thaxt.) Waksman and Henrici] in a highly buffered calcareous soil. This investigation included a comparison of the effectiveness of gypsum and sulfur with Terraclor and Terraclor Super-X. Both gypsum and sulfur reduced potato scab and measurements indicate that change of soil pH was slight (0.1–0.4 pH reduction). Band applications of sulfur in the sulfate… CONTINUE READING


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