Effects of grinding processes on enzymatic degradation of wheat straw.

  title={Effects of grinding processes on enzymatic degradation of wheat straw.},
  author={Gabriela Ghizzi D Silva and Marie Couturier and Jean-Guy Berrin and Alain Bul{\'e}on and Xavier Rouau},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={103 1},
The effectiveness of wheat straw fine to ultra-fine grindings at pilot scale was studied. The produced powders were characterised by their particle-size distribution (laser diffraction), crystallinity (WAXS) and enzymatic degradability (Trichoderma reesei enzymatic cocktail). A large range of wheat-straw powders was produced: from coarse (median particle size ∼800 μm) to fine particles (∼50 μm) using sieve-based grindings, then ultra-fine particles ∼20 μm by jet milling and ∼10 μm by ball… CONTINUE READING
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