Effects of girls' hormonal status on depressive and aggressive symptoms over the course of one year.

  title={Effects of girls' hormonal status on depressive and aggressive symptoms over the course of one year.},
  author={Roberta L Paikoff and J Brooks-gunn and Michelle P. Warren},
  journal={Journal of youth and adolescence},
  volume={20 2},
Associations between hormonal and physical status and girls' depressive affect, aggressive affect, and delinquent behavior were studied over the course of one year. Seventy-two White girls, aged 10-14 at initial data collection, were seen twice. Endocrinological status (estradiol, luteinizing hormone [LH], folicle stimulating hormone [FSH], testosterone, and dehydroepiandosterone sulfate [DHEAS] at Time 1, physical development (menarche, secondary sexual characteristics) and maturational timing… CONTINUE READING


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