Effects of gastrointestinal hormones on transport by peritoneal dialysis.

  title={Effects of gastrointestinal hormones on transport by peritoneal dialysis.},
  author={John F. Maher and Przemyslaw Hirszel and M. Lasrich},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={16 2},
Because the gastrointestinal hormones are known to dilate the splanchnic vasculature, their effects on transport of water and solutes during peritoneal dialysis were studied in an experimental model, the rabbit. In unanesthetized rabbits, dialysate volume was calculated by isotope dilution, and clearances were estimated by dialysate/plasma concentration ratio factored by minute volume. With isotonic dialysis solution, the mean increment in dialysate volume per minute of intraperitoneal dwell… CONTINUE READING


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