Effects of gamichunggantang on hyperlipidemia.

  title={Effects of gamichunggantang on hyperlipidemia.},
  author={Chang-Gue Son and Woo-Jin Choi and Jang-woo Shin and Seung-hyun Han and Jung-Hyo Cho and Kee-Choel Song and Chong-kwan Cho},
  journal={Acta pharmacologica Sinica},
  volume={24 2},
AIM To evaluate the therapeutic effects of gamichunggantang (GCT) on hyperlipidemia through high cholesterol diet model. GCT is an Oriental herbal medication, which has been used for the treatment of fatty liver, hyperlipidemia or alcoholic liver disease in Daejeon University Oriental Hospital, Korea since 1999. METHODS Rats were fed with high cholesterol diet for 4 weeks and GCT was administrated for 2 weeks from 2 weeks later in experimental days. The levels of serum total cholesterol, HDL… CONTINUE READING