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Effects of extender type, sperm volume, cryoprotectant concentration, cryopreservation and time duration on motility, survival and fertilisation rates of Mekong giant catfish sperm

  title={Effects of extender type, sperm volume, cryoprotectant concentration, cryopreservation and time duration on motility, survival and fertilisation rates of Mekong giant catfish sperm},
  author={Kriangsak Meng-umphan and Niwooti Whangchai and Doungporn Amornlerdpison},
  journal={Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology},
The objectives of this study are to evaluate the effects of some basic factors, namely extender type, sperm volume, cryoprotectant concentration, cryopreservation and storage time, on the quality of Mekong giant catfish (MGC) sperm. The following results are obtained from conducted experiments. The sperm kept in Hanks balanced salt solution (HBSS) extender consistently produced good results in terms of motility. The highest motility grade (4.0) was observed after 12 hours of examination and… 

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