Effects of exercise on brain function: role of free radicals.

  title={Effects of exercise on brain function: role of free radicals.},
  author={Zsolt Rad{\'a}k and Shuzo Kumagai and Albert Taylor and Hisashi Naito and Sataro Goto},
  journal={Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism = Physiologie appliquee, nutrition et metabolisme},
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Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are continuously generated during aerobic metabolism. Certain levels of ROS, which could be dependent on the type of cell, cell age, history of ROS exposure, etc., could facilitate specific cell functions. Indeed, ROS stimulate a number of stress responses and activate gene expression for a wide range of proteins. It is well known that increased levels of ROS are involved in the aging process and the pathogenesis of a number of neurodegenerative diseases. Because… CONTINUE READING