[Effects of estradiol on in vitro cultures of human fibroblasts].


This paper assesses the effect of estradiol on the in vitro growth of fibroblast taken from human breast skin. It was observed that estrogens stimulate the proliferation of phenotypically adult fibroblasts; that there is a threshold increase of hormonal concentration which can trigger off this process; and that the size of the single dose is more important than the number of doses of hormone received.

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@article{Carta1992EffectsOE, title={[Effects of estradiol on in vitro cultures of human fibroblasts].}, author={Gaspare Carta and Maria Adelaide Continenza and Gabriela A L Ricciardi and Giuseppe Toro and Giampiero Porzio and M de Nuntiis and M. Moscarini}, journal={Minerva ginecologica}, year={1992}, volume={44 1-2}, pages={9-13} }