Effects of endotoxin exposure on childhood asthma risk are modified by a genetic polymorphism in ACAA1

  title={Effects of endotoxin exposure on childhood asthma risk are modified by a genetic polymorphism in ACAA1},
  author={J. Sordillo and S. Sharma and A. Poon and J. Lasky-Su and K. Belanger and D. Milton and M. Bracken and E. Triche and B. Leaderer and D. Gold and A. Litonjua},
  journal={BMC Medical Genetics},
  pages={158 - 158}
BackgroundPolymorphisms in the endotoxin-mediated TLR4 pathway genes have been associated with asthma and atopy. We aimed to examine how genetic polymorphisms in innate immunity pathways interact with endotoxin to influence asthma risk in children.MethodsIn a previous analysis of 372 children from the Boston Home Allergens and the Connecticut Childhood Asthma studies, 7 SNPs in 6 genes (CARD15, TGFB1, LY96, ACAA1, DEFB1 and IFNG) involved in innate immune pathways were associated with asthma… Expand
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