Effects of educational materials concerning osteoporosis on women's knowledge, beliefs, and behavior.


PURPOSE This study examined the effects of brief written educational materials on osteoporosis-related knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors. The study also examined whether observed effects varied as a function of one's stage in the precaution adoption process. DESIGN The study used an experimental research design. SETTING Participants were identified from North Carolina driver's license records. SUBJECTS Of the 1476 women in the initial sample, 536 (36.3%) enrolled in the study and 307 completed all follow-up assessments. INTERVENTION Participants were randomly assigned to one of four groups. One group received an information packet containing general information about osteoporosis. One group received an action plan packet containing instructions on how to increase one's level of exercise and calcium intake. One group received both packets. The final group received neither packet. MEASURES Primary study variables were beliefs related to osteoporosis, calcium, and exercise; osteoporosis knowledge; calcium and exercise stage; calcium intake; and exercise level. RESULTS Overall, receipt of the information packet was associated with changes in knowledge and beliefs (F[18,283] = 2.11, p < .01) irrespective of participants' stage of change. No effects on behavior were observed. CONCLUSIONS These findings suggest that brief written educational materials can facilitate knowledge and belief change but that they do not promote behavior change. The generalizability of these findings is limited by the low study response rate.

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