Effects of early steroid withdrawal after heart transplantation.

  title={Effects of early steroid withdrawal after heart transplantation.},
  author={David H Rosenbaum and Brian C Adams and Joshua D. Mitchell and Michael E. Jessen and M. Constança Paul and Patricia A Kaiser and Paul A. Pappas and Dan Marshall Meyer and Michael A. Wait and Mark H. Drazner and Clyde W. Yancy and William Steves Ring and J. Michael DiMaio},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
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BACKGROUND Managing immunosuppression is a significant aspect of posttransplantation patient care. Previously, our institution reported that prednisone could be withdrawn in cardiac allograft recipients without jeopardizing midterm survival. We returned to this group of patients to investigate the long-term effects of our steroid taper protocol. METHODS We reviewed the records of 162 consecutive cardiac transplant recipients from our institution. Patients who underwent transplantation between… CONTINUE READING