Effects of dietary chromium supplementation on performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of growing-finishing swine: a meta-analysis.

  title={Effects of dietary chromium supplementation on performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of growing-finishing swine: a meta-analysis.},
  author={James Sales and Filip Jan{\vc}{\'i}k},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={89 12},
Dietary Cr supplementation has potential to decrease fat and increase lean in carcasses of growing-finishing swine. However, effects of Cr supplementation on performance and economically important carcass and meat quality characteristics varied considerably among studies. Therefore, a meta-analysis was designed to quantitatively describe effects obtained in several independent studies. To accommodate differences in methodology among studies, standardized effect sizes (Hedges's g) were… 

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Effects of Supplemental Chromium Source and Concentration on Growth Performance, Carcass Traits, and Meat Quality of Broilers Under Heat Stress Conditions

Results from this study indicate that Cr supplementation, independent of its source, could promote growth and improve carcass traits and meat quality of broilers under heat stress conditions.

Effects of access to pasture on performance, carcass composition, and meat quality in broilers: a meta-analysis.

  • J. Sales
  • Biology, Medicine
    Poultry science
  • 2014
It is concluded that factors other than enhanced meat quality could be responsible for consumer preference for meat from free-range poultry.

Effects of Chromium Methionine Supplementation with Different Sources of Zinc on Growth Performance, Carcass Traits, Meat Quality, Serum Metabolites, Endocrine Parameters, and the Antioxidant Status in Growing-Finishing Pigs

Results showed that supplementation of CrMet only or CrMet together with ZnAA improved feed conversion, carcass traits, and meat quality in the growing-finishing pigs.

Chromium and selenium-enriched yeast for castrated finishing pigs: effects on performance and carcass characteristics

Dietary supplementation of Cr- and Se-enriched yeast for castrated male pigs between 70 and 130 kg of body weight increases longissimus dorsi muscle depth in carcass without affecting final body weight or daily weight gain of the animals.

Dietary supplementation of chromium for finishing pigs

Dietary Cr supplementation for finishing pigs have shown that 0.2 mg/kg of organic Cr sources for pigs from ~60 kg until the slaughter can improve growth performance, lean gain and reduce fat content in carcass.

Dietary chromium picolinate of varying particle size improves carcass characteristics and insulin sensitivity in finishing pigs fed low- and high-fat diets

Dietary Cr can increase ADG and improve carcass traits and insulin sensitivity in lean pigs, possibly because the response to dietary CrPic may already be maximised at 400 mg/kg.

Influence of chromium propionate dose and feeding regimen on growth performance and carcass composition of pigs housed in a commercial environment1,2

Data are consistent with the literature in that added Cr in growing-finishing pigs diets improves, albeit small, ADG or G:F, and there was no evidence that different feeding regimens will consistently result in improved performance.

Dietary nano-chromium tripicolinate increases feed intake and decreases plasma cortisol in finisher gilts during summer

It is demonstrated that dietary nCrPic supplementation at 400 ppb can increase feed intake in finisher gilts during mid-summer, suggesting that n CrPic can ameliorate some of the negative effects of heat stress in pigs, possibly via decreased of circulating cortisol.

Effect Of Chromium Nicotinate On Oxidative Stability, Chemical Composition And Meat Quality Of Growing-Finishing Pigs

The effect of different organic sources of Cr on growth, feed efficiency and carcass value is known but there is a lack of information between chromium nicotinate (CrNic) and pork quality. Therefore,



Efficacy of Cr (III) supplementation on growth, carcass composition, blood metabolites, and endocrine parameters in finishing pigs.

The study was conducted to evaluate the effects of trivalent chromium from different sources on growth, carcass composition, and serum parameters in finishing pigs. Ninety-six crossbred pigs with an

Effects of dietary chromium picolinate supplementation on growth, carcass characteristics, and accretion rates of carcass tissues in growing-finishing swine.

It is suggested that CrP supplementation throughout the entire growing-finishing phase increases the total gain and accretion rate of muscle while decreasing the total loss of fat and feed:gain ratio.

Effects of Different Sources of Dietary Chromium on Growth, Blood Profiles and Carcass Traits in Growing-finishing Pigs

Dietary supplementation of 200 ppb Cr, via either CrPic or CrMet, improved pig growth performance and nutrient digestibility and is evidently remarkable for improving both lean percentage of the carcass and backfat thickness.

Effect of supplemental levels of chromium picolinate on the growth performance, serum traits, carcass characteristics and lipid metabolism of growing-finishing pigs

This study investigated the effect of chromium picolinate supplementation on growth performance, carcass characteristics and lipid metabolism of growing-finishing pigs. Sixty Landrace ✕ Yorkshire ✕

Dietary chromium picolinate additions improve gain:feed and carcass characteristics in growing-finishing pigs and increase litter size in reproducing sows.

Growth trials were conducted to determine the effects of Cr as chromium picolinate at various protein levels on performance of growing pigs and found that the addition of 200 ppb of Cr resulted in improved gain:feed but not at the 120% of requirement lysine level.

Effect of chromium propionate on growth, carcass traits, pork quality, and plasma metabolites in growing-finishing pigs.

In these experiments, Cr propionate had no effect on overall growth performance, variable effects on carcass traits and plasma metabolites, and some positive effects on pork quality, especially water holding capacity of a fresh or frozen chop.

Effects of chromium propionate on growth, carcass traits, and pork quality of growing-finishing pigs.

The data indicate that CrProp may improve some aspects of pork quality (loin pH, drip and purge loss) but not growth performance or carcass traits.

Effects of dietary additions of modified tall oil, chromium nicotinate, and L-carnitine on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and bacon characteristics of growing-finishing pigs

Improvements in growth performance from addition of 0.50% MTO and(or) 50 μg kg-1 CrNic to diets of finishing gilts are suggested.

Effect of Chromium Nanoparticle on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Pork Quality and Tissue Chromium in Finishing Pigs

The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of chromium nanoparticle (CrNano) on growth, carcass characteristics, pork quality, and tissue chromium in finishing pigs. A total of 100