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Effects of dietary Yucca schidigera supplementation on plasma leptin , insulin , iodated thyroid hormones and some biochemical parameters in rats

  title={Effects of dietary Yucca schidigera supplementation on plasma leptin , insulin , iodated thyroid hormones and some biochemical parameters in rats},
  author={Ismail Kucukkurt and Y. Dundar},
Yucca schidigera (Ys), a worldwide known plant contains herbal chemicals such as steroidal saponins, phenolic substances, fiber, resveratrol and stilbenes. It is widely used in industry and animal breeding since it contains steroidal saponins [5, 19, 24, 30]. According to the studies, saponin rich plants have been proved to decrease the absorption of nutrients generally in the digestive tract and change the metabolism in this way [5, 19]. The Ys is a saponin rich plant and hypoglycaemic… Expand

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