Effects of diet and development on the Drosophila lipidome

  title={Effects of diet and development on the Drosophila lipidome},
  author={Maria De Carvalho and J{\'u}lio L. Sampaio and Wilhelm Palm and Marko Brankatschk and Suzanne Eaton and Andrej Shevchenko},
  booktitle={Molecular systems biology},
Cells produce tens of thousands of different lipid species, but the importance of this complexity in vivo is unclear. Analysis of individual tissues and cell types has revealed differences in abundance of individual lipid species, but there has been no comprehensive study comparing tissue lipidomes within a single developing organism. Here, we used quantitative shotgun profiling by high-resolution mass spectrometry to determine the absolute (molar) content of 250 species of 14 major lipid… CONTINUE READING