Effects of dexamethasone on carnitine metabolism in liver and extrahepatic tissues

  title={Effects of dexamethasone on carnitine metabolism in liver and extrahepatic tissues},
  author={Timothy John French and A W Good and T. Norman Palmer and Mary C. Sugden},
  journal={Bioscience Reports},
The in vivo effects of dexamethasone administration on liver and extrahepatic tissue carnitine concentrations were assessed in 48-h-starved rats. In heart and kidney, but not in liver, dexamethasone significantly increased total carnitine concentration. Acute (2.5 h) treatment with 2-tetradecylglycidate (TDG), a specific inhibitor of carnitine palmitoyl transferase 1, not only increased total hepatic carnitine concentrations, but also permitted an effect of dexamethasone (a further increase in… 
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