Effects of cycle length on atrial vulnerability.

  title={Effects of cycle length on atrial vulnerability.},
  author={Christopher R. C. Wyndham and F Amat-y-leon and D. William Wu and P. B. Denes and Ruchi Dhingra and Ross J. Simpson and K. M. Rosen},
  volume={55 2},
The effect of cycle length on atrial vulnerability was studied in 14 patients manifesting reproducible repetitive atrial firing during atrial extra-stimulus (A2) testing. Repetitive atrial firing was defined as the occurrence of two or more premature atrial responses with return cycle (A2-A3) of 250 msec or less and subsequent mean cycle length of 300 msec or less, following A2. The zone of repetitive atrial firing could be defined in terms of its longest and shortest A1-A2 coupling intervals… CONTINUE READING