Effects of countdown timers on traffic safety at signalized intersections

  title={Effects of countdown timers on traffic safety at signalized intersections},
  author={Marcin Jacek Kłos and Aleksander Sobota and Renata Żochowska and Grzegorz Karoń},
  journal={Transactions on Transport Sciences},
Improving safety is one of the most important tasks of traffic engineering. In the road network, intersections are the places where conflicts most often occur. Therefore, these objects are of particular interest to engineers, designers and researchers. The possibilities of using modern technologies give a chance not only to achieve greater traffic efficiency, but also to ensure safe passing for all road users. One of such solutions are countdown timers, i.e. support devices for traffic lights… 

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The issue of using countdown timers at intersections with traffic lights: A literature review

  • M. Barbara
  • Business
    2018 XI International Science-Technical Conference Automotive Safety
  • 2018
It has been proved that countdown timers are very useful, improve comfort, safety and smoothness of traffic in the opinion of drivers, and there is a lack of information on determining the real impact of countdown timers on the number of collisions in the presented literature review.

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In the result of conducted statistical analysis, it was ascertained that countdown timers influence driver reaction time when the signal changes from red and yellow to green.