Effects of corrugation of the dragonfly wing on gliding performance.

  title={Effects of corrugation of the dragonfly wing on gliding performance.},
  author={Won-Kap Kim and Jin Hwan Ko and Hoon Cheol Park and Doyoung Byun},
  journal={Journal of theoretical biology},
  volume={260 4},
We investigate the aerodynamic performance of the dragonfly wing, which has cross-sectional corrugation, via a static 2-dimensional unsteady simulation. Computational conditions are Re=150, 1400, and 10,000 with angles of attack ranging from 0 degrees to 40 degrees . From the computational results, lift coefficients are increased by the wing corrugation at all Reynolds number. However, the corrugation has little influence on the drag coefficients. The flows such as vortex in the valley of… CONTINUE READING