Effects of cimaterol on nitrogen retention and energy utilization in lambs.

  title={Effects of cimaterol on nitrogen retention and energy utilization in lambs.},
  author={Young Han Kim and Yoon Bok Lee and William N. Garrett and Ronald H. Dalrymple},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={67 3},
Fifty-two weaned lambs were used in a comparative slaughter feeding trial and six lambs in a concurrent digestibility trial to investigate the effects of cimaterol on nitrogen retention and energy utilization. Cimaterol (CIM) was administered in the feed at 10 ppm for 90 and 14 d, respectively, in a comparative slaughter feeding trial and in a digestibility trial. No difference was found in dry matter digestibility. Nitrogen retention in the CIM group (739 mg/Wkg.75/d) was greater (P less than… CONTINUE READING

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