Effects of changes in intraocular pressure on human ocular haemodynamics.

  title={Effects of changes in intraocular pressure on human ocular haemodynamics.},
  author={Oliver Findl and Karin Strenn and Michael Wolzt and Rupert M. Menapace and Clemens Vass and H. G. Eichler and Leopold Schmetterer},
  journal={Current eye research},
  volume={16 10},
PURPOSE Myogenic autoregulation is the ability of a vascular bed to maintain blood flow despite changes in perfusion pressure. Ocular perfusion pressure is defined as the difference between ocular arterial pressure and ocular venous pressure, the latter dependent on intraocular pressure (IOP). The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of moderate increases in IOP on ocular haemodynamics. METHODS Changes in IOP (+ 10 mmHg, +20 mmHg) were induced by a suction cup in 10 healthy… CONTINUE READING


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