Effects of captopril on limiting infarct size in conscious dogs.

  title={Effects of captopril on limiting infarct size in conscious dogs.},
  author={Herman B Daniell and Roy R Carson and Kevin D Ballard and Giovana R. Thomas and Philip J. Privitera},
  journal={Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology},
  volume={6 6},
The effects of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor captopril on infarct size and cardiovascular hemodynamics were studied in 35 conscious dogs subjected to 24 h of coronary occlusion. Following occlusion of the left anterior descending coronary artery, 10 dogs were infused with captopril 0.25 mg/kg/h i.v. (group 1), eight dogs received captopril 0.5 mg/kg/h i.v. (group 2), and 17 dogs served as saline-infused controls. All infusions were started 10 min following occlusion and continued for… CONTINUE READING
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