Effects of calcium chelation on the neutralization of milk protein isolate and casein micelle reassembling.

  title={Effects of calcium chelation on the neutralization of milk protein isolate and casein micelle reassembling.},
  author={Shaozong Wu and John J. Fitzpatrick and Kevin Cronin and Song Miao},
  journal={Food chemistry},
Rehydration in an alkaline solution has been shown to improve the rehydration behaviour of milk protein isolate (MPI). In this study, the focus is on citric acid neutralization of MPI powder dissolved in alkaline solution. The results showed that alkalization induced more negative zeta-potential compared to MPI control, reducing it from -22.4 mV to -32.6 mV. Neutralization had a relatively similar zeta-potential value as alkalized sample. Sodium carbonate addition increased pH and caused a… 
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