Effects of anabolic agents on protein breakdown in L6 myoblasts.

  title={Effects of anabolic agents on protein breakdown in L6 myoblasts.},
  author={F. John Ballard and Geoffrey Leonard Francis},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={210 1},
1. Protein degradation in rat L6 myoblasts is inhibited by high concentrations of insulin as well as by foetal bovine serum and bovine colostrum, mixtures rich in growth-factor activity. 2. Growth factors achieve maximal effects within 2 h after addition to the cell cultures, but these diminish with time. Indeed, during incubations greater than 12 h, foetal calf serum actually stimulates protein breakdown. The changed response, however, is not due to the depletion of growth factors from serum… CONTINUE READING


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