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Effects of an Intermediate Mass Sterile Neutrino Population on the Early Universe

  title={Effects of an Intermediate Mass Sterile Neutrino Population on the Early Universe},
  author={Hannah Rasmussen and Alex McNichol and George M. Fuller and Chad T. Kishimoto Department of Physics and Biophysics and University of San Diego and Center for Computational Astrophysics and Space Sciences and University of Southern California and San Diego},
The hot and dense early Universe combined with the promise of high-precision cosmological observations provide an intriguing laboratory for Beyond Standard Model (BSM) physics. We simulate the early Universe to examine the effects of the decay of thermally populated sterile neutrino states into Standard Model products around the time of weak decoupling. These decays deposit a significant amount of entropy into the plasma as well as produce a population of high-energy outof-equilibrium active… Expand


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