Effects of aging on laser evoked potentials.

  title={Effects of aging on laser evoked potentials.},
  author={Christelle Cr{\'e}ac'h and Alexandre Bertholon and Philippe Convers and Luis Garcia-Larrea and Roland Peyron},
  journal={Muscle & nerve},
  volume={51 5},
INTRODUCTION Aging has been reported to reduce the amplitude of laser evoked potentials. However, it is unknown whether this effect depends on the length of the sensory fibers. This is an important issue, because most painful neuropathies are length-dependent. METHODS We conducted a study of 40 healthy subjects, half of whom were older than age 50 years. Nociceptive stimuli were delivered to the feet and thighs using a CO2 laser stimulator. RESULTS Detection and pain perception thresholds… CONTINUE READING


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