Effects of actinomycin D in vivo on murine erythroid stem cells.

  title={Effects of actinomycin D in vivo on murine erythroid stem cells.},
  author={Kenneth S. Zuckerman and Ray Sullivan and P J Quesenberry},
  volume={51 5},
Low-dose actinomycin D (Acto) selectively suppresses murine erythropoiesis without decreasing erythropoietin (Ep) production. We used the plasma clot system to determine the stage of erythroid differentiation at which this inhibition occurs. Late erythroid precursors, CFU-E, and less differentiated committed erythroid stem cells, BFU-E, were assayed in CF1 mice given Acto 75-82 microgram/kg/day or saline subcutaneously for 5 days. We also assayed pluripotent (CFU-S) and committed granulocyte… CONTINUE READING


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