Effects of acid hydrolysis on the13C NMR spectra of humic substances

  title={Effects of acid hydrolysis on the13C NMR spectra of humic substances},
  author={Morris Schnitzer and Caroline M. Preston},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
Two humic and one fulvic acid were hydrolyzed with hot 6M HCl and a combination of 12M and 0.5M H2SO4. Effects of acid hydrolysis on the chemical structures of the humic materials were assessed by comparing liquid-state13C NMR spectra of hydrolyzed with those of unhydrolyzed humic substances. Hydrolysis with 6M HCl was found to be more efficient for removing ptoteinaceous materials and carbohydrates than was hydrolysis with 12M-0.5M H2SO4. The latter appeared to better preserve the structural… CONTINUE READING

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