Effects of a yoga nidra on the life stress and self-esteem in university students.

  title={Effects of a yoga nidra on the life stress and self-esteem in university students.},
  author={Kim Sang Dol},
  journal={Complementary therapies in clinical practice},
  • K. Dol
  • Published 1 May 2019
  • Psychology, Education
  • Complementary therapies in clinical practice

The effect of tele-yoga training in healthy women on menstrual symptoms, quality of life, anxiety-depression level, body awareness, and self-esteem during COVID-19 pandemic

This study was planned to examine the effects of tele-yoga training on menstrual symptoms, quality of life, anxiety-depression level, body awareness, and self-esteem in healthy women. Thirty-two

Effectiveness of Yoga Nidra on mental health and scope in postnatal population: A narrative review

This study has been undertaken to explore the role and effectiveness of Yoga Nidra on mental health and its future implications in the early postnatal population. The current body of literature is

Trauma- Sensitive Yoga as an Adjunctive Treatment: The G.R.A.C.E. Model

ABSTRACT This was an exploratory study on the perceived benefits of one trauma- sensitive yoga program for women who self- selected to attend the program to improve their mental health. The

Childhood trauma and its relationship with suicide probability and Self-Esteem: A case study in a university in Turkey.

It has been established that the past traumatic experiences of university students decrease self-esteem and are associated with suicide probability, and risk management programs for university students should be organized by determining the risk groups exposed to Childhood Trauma by psychiatric and child nurses.

Qualitative Impressions of a Yoga Nidra Practice for Insomnia: An Exploratory Mixed-Methods Design.

Descriptions of Yoga Nidra suggest it may be useful for enhancing relaxation, facilitating sleep, easing anxiety, and reducing pain, and qualitative and quantitative methods were used to explore participant experience of a single yoga Nidra practice.

Does online mindfulness-based intervention help college students succeed in their job search during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Background: Immediately after graduation from university, college students need to make significant decisions about starting their careers or pursuing higher studies. They are also pressured to meet

Yoga And Wellness: Reducing Community Stress Levels Through Pranayama Breathing Techniques

Writing this paper aims to explain the importance of pranayama practice as yoga and wellness in the era of modernization. Some data show that the level of stress in society is getting more and more

The Thin Line Between Waking and Sleeping in Athletes: A Call for Yoga Nidra in the Sporting Context

Encompassing a sequence of guided body awareness, visualization, and breathing exercises, YN is also described as a complete and systematic method of inducing physical and mental relaxation achieved by turning inward, away from most of outer experiences.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Guided Imagery in Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials

It positively improved the quality of life but saw no significant improvement in chemotherapy-related adverse effects and the intervention was effective for stress and anxiety.

Dispositif de préparation mentale pour l’e-sport: neurosciences, psychanalyse et yoga

Cet article propose d’expliquer un dispositif de preparation mentale pour l’e-sport base sur le yoga et la psychologie clinique (dans ses differentes orientations, psychanalyse, neurosciences,



Effects of Yoga Nidra on Self-esteem in Nursing Students

This study was a quasi-experimental design with a non-equivalent control group to investigate the effects of yoga nidra on self-esteem in nursing students. Thirty-nine undergraduate nursing students

iRest yoga-nidra on the college campus: changes in stress, depression, worry, and mindfulness.

iRest yoga-nidra practice may reduce symptoms of perceived stress, worry, and depression and increase mindfulness-based skills.

The Impact of Yoga Nidra and Seated Meditation on the Mental Health of College Professors

Prepost results indicate that both interventions represent an effective therapeutic approach in reducing anxiety and stress levels, however, there was a tendency toward a greater effectiveness of the Yoga Nidra intervention regarding anxiety.

Can we learn to manage stress? A randomized controlled trial carried out on university students

This type of Internet-based program has the ability to reach a large number of students due to its rather short format and accessibility and has already shown improvements in terms of the levels of perceived stress, psychological distress and satisfaction with studies.

Reducing university students’ stress through a drop-in canine-therapy program

This study supports the use of drop-in, canine therapy as a means of reducing university students’ stress and holds applied significance for both counseling and animal therapy practitioners regarding the dose intervention participants seek to reduce their stress.

Using Yoga Nidra to Improve Stress in Psychiatric Nurses in a Pilot Study.

This pilot study demonstrated the potential benefit of yoga in stress reduction, muscle tension, and self-care in nurses.

Religious and spiritual beliefs, self-esteem, anxiety, and depression among nursing students.

The vast majority of the students stated a strong religious and/or a spiritual belief that was strongly positively correlated with increased self-esteem and negatively correlated with depression, current stress, and stress as personality trait.