Effects of a lyophilized aqueous extract of Feretia apodanthera Del

  title={Effects of a lyophilized aqueous extract of Feretia apodanthera Del},
  author={Fleur Clarisse Okomolo Moto and E. R. M. Ayissi and G. T. Ngoupaye and Jacqueline S. K. Njapdounke and Gis{\`e}le C. N. Nkantchoua and Nad{\`e}ge E. Kou{\'e}mou and Jean Pierre Omam Omam and Antoine Kandeda and Si{\'e}bou Pal{\'e} and David Bougolla Pahaye and Elisabeth Ngo Bum},
It is my Ph. D Project. the proposal of my Ph.D work is intitulate " Anticonvulsivant and antiepileptogenic properties of decoction of the leaves of Momordica cissoides L.¶ (Cucurbitaceae) ¶ and development test of one phyto-drug . View project Germain Sotoing Taiwe University of Buea 50 PUBLICATIONS 318 CITATIONS SEE PROFILE Gwladys Temkou Ngoupaye University of Dschang, Dschang, Cameroon 18 PUBLICATIONS 148 CITATIONS SEE PROFILE 

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