Effects of a Multicomponent Restraint Reduction Program for Korean Nursing Home Staff.


PURPOSE Physical restraints are used frequently in Korea, suggesting a growing need for access to programs focused on reduction. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of a multicomponent restraint reduction program (MRRP) for nursing staff in Korean nursing homes. DESIGN A cluster-randomized, single-blind, controlled pretest-posttest design was used. A total of 122 nursing staff (nurses and geriatric care assistants) in two Korean nursing homes participated in this study: 62 in the experimental group (EG) and 60 in the control group (CG). METHODS Nursing staff in the EG home received the MRRP comprising three educational sessions (two classroom-based and one web-based) and two unit-based consultations. Three instruments were used to measure nursing staff's knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes regarding physical restraints. Data were collected immediately before and after the intervention, and again 1 and 3 months later. FINDINGS Repeated measures analysis of variance showed significant differences between groups in knowledge (p < .001), perceptions (p < .001), and attitudes (p = .011) over time. These significant improvements in the MRRP group (EG) were sustained over the 3-month period. CONCLUSIONS The MRRP effectively improved the knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes of nursing home staff about restraint use with older adults. Additional studies are recommended to evaluate effects of its components while using larger samples and rigorous research methods and measurements, and the inclusion of boosters or other supports to sustain change. CLINICAL RELEVANCE These results provide valuable knowledge regarding a multicomponent intervention for changing nursing home staff attributes that likely influence clinical practice. Elements of the educational content and methods found useful for nursing home staff may also be effective in vocational and continuing education as well as for families of older nursing home residents.

DOI: 10.1111/jnu.12296

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