Effects of Yoga therapy on Obesity and Quality of life In Women: A Longitudinal study

  • Dr Annapoorna, Dr Vasantalaxmi . K
  • Published 2015


The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of yoga therapy on obesity in females. Objectives are, to bring about reduction of body weight, reduction of waist line, and improvement in their quality of life by decreasing stress levels. Twenty five obese females, aged 20 to 50 years, who were willing to participate in the program, were recruited. Those suffering from medical and psychiatric disorders were excluded. Their Body Mass Index, Waist-Hip ratios, blood pressure, pulse rate were measured. Dietary habits, exercise details recorded. As part of the program they were taught yoga practices for 45 minutes. They were instructed to practice twice a day followed by Shavasana for five minutes with balanced dietary intake and other life change modifications. Baseline assessment in the various parameters was taken. Reassessment was done after three months. Yoga training for 3 months resulted in a significant reductions in all body weight measures such as decrease in Body Mass Index (0.001) , Waist hip ratio (0.001), and in physiological measures such as Systolic Blood Pressure (0.01), Diastolic Blood Pressure (0.038), Pulse Rate (0.001)( P values < 0.05) all of which were statistically significant. Thus from the significant changes observed using different parameters in this study found that yoga therapy has several beneficial effects, in the form of improvement in quality of life and reduction in body weight in women.

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