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Effects of Water Stress on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Catalpa bungei

  title={Effects of Water Stress on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Catalpa bungei},
  author={Peng Fang-ren},
  journal={Journal of Nanjing Forestry University},
  • Peng Fang-ren
  • Published 2007
  • Biology
  • Journal of Nanjing Forestry University
By the techniques of PEG,one-year-old seedlings of 8 Catalpa bungei varieties or types grew in phytotron.The effects of different levels of water stress on its photosynthetic characteristics were studied.A completely random experiment was designed with 4 treatments and 3 replicates.The results showed that the chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of 8 varieties of catalpa bungei,e.g.,the net photosynthesis rate(Pn),transpiration rate(Tr),stomatal conductance(Gs),intercellular CO2 concentration(Ci… Expand
A morphophysiological analysis of the effects of drought and shade on Catalpa bungei plantlets
The results showed that shade did not alter the negative effects caused by drought stress in MI but did alleviate thenegative effects of the LI condition, indicating that light was the main driver of the variations observed. Expand
Leaf Trait Related to Growth in 61 Catalpa bungei Clones
Leaf morphological indices, such as leaf length, leaf stalk length and leaf width, can predict the tree growth for Catalpa bungei clones, which would be helpful for clonal selection in future. Expand
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Catalpa bungei (Bignoniaceae): a high-quality timber species from China
The cp genome of C. bungei was assembled, which will provide more theoretical basis for determine the phylogenetic relationships of the Catalpa and related species, and supported that C. Bungeiwas probably more closely related to C. speciosa. Expand