Effects of Ultratrail Running on Skeletal-Muscle Oxygenation Dynamics.

  title={Effects of Ultratrail Running on Skeletal-Muscle Oxygenation Dynamics.},
  author={Gianluca Vernillo and Alfredo Brighenti and Eloisa Limonta and Pietro Trabucchi and Davide Malatesta and Gregoire P. Millet and Federico Schena},
  journal={International journal of sports physiology and performance},
  volume={12 4},
PURPOSE To quantify changes in skeletal-muscle oxygenation and pulmonary O2 uptake (V̇O2) after an extreme ultratrail running bout. METHODS Before (PRE) and after (POST) the race (330-km, 24000 D±), profiles of vastus lateralis muscle oxygenation (ie, oxyhemoglobin [O2Hb], deoxyhemoglobin [HHb], and tissue oxygenation index [TOI]) and V̇O2 were determined in 14 athletes (EXP) and 12 control adults (CON) during two 4-min constant-load cycling bouts at power outputs of 1 (p1) and 1.5 (p1.5) W… CONTINUE READING

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