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Effects of Training Programs on Knowledge and Attitudes of Nurses aboutPostoperative Pain

  title={Effects of Training Programs on Knowledge and Attitudes of Nurses aboutPostoperative Pain},
  author={Mansour Arab and Fatemeh Shirzadi and Sakineh Sabzvari and Yones Jahani and Maryam Rostami and Mohammad Ebrahimi and Nezar Ghanbarzehi and Abbas Balouchi},
Postoperative pain is a common experience in patients hospitalized in surgical units. Therefore, controlling and mitigating it are one of the priorities in nursing. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of training on the knowledge and attitudes nurses about postoperative pain in patients hospitalized in surgical units of teaching hospitals of Kerman, Iran, in 2014. This study uses a quasi-experimental design and is conducted on 60 nurses working at surgical units of teaching… 
The study concluded that the majority of nurses in surgical ward had knowledge deficit concerning management of patient with postoperative pain, and recommends to encouraging nurses to enroll in sessions of special courses and conference to improve their knowledge and keep them up to date toward postoperativePain management.
Pain as 5th vital sign: impact of pain assessment training program on Nigerian nurses knowledge of pain management
The Nurses Pain Educational Program had a positive effect on nurses' knowledge of pain assessment and pain management and revealed an improvement in knowledge which was found to be statistically significant.
Emergency nurses´ knowledge, attitude and perceived barriers regarding pain Management in Resource-Limited Settings: cross-sectional study
The emergency nurses’ knowledge and attitude regarding pain management were poor, indicating the need for nursing schools and the ministry of health to work together to educate nurses to a higher level of preparation for pain assessment and management.
Effectiveness of an Educational Program on Nurses Knowledge toward Pre and Post Nursing Interventions Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy at Surgical Ward in AL-Imam AL-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Al Nasiriya City
More years of experience in training the staff nursing in surgical wards by local officials help raising professionals’ nurses and provide the health resources and exploiting young energies of nurses which indeed helps to develop their knowledge.
The effect of triage training on the performance of triage nurses and emergency medical staff of Iranshahr
One of the important concepts of management and decision making in emergency conditions is triage that is used continuously by nurses and technicians of medical emergencies, so training triage to the


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