Effects of Ti ions and particles on neutrophil function and morphology.

  title={Effects of Ti ions and particles on neutrophil function and morphology.},
  author={Ryuichiro Kumazawa and Fumio Watari and Noriyuki Takashi and Yukihiro Tanimura and Motohiro Uo and Yasunori Totsuka},
  volume={23 17},
We compared the cytotoxicity of soluble and particulate titanium (Ti), vanadium (V) and nickel (Ni) by biochemical functional analysis and by microscopic morphology with micro-area elemental analysis in vitro using human neutrophils as probes and in vivo in animals. The biochemical analyses of LDH, superoxide anion, TNF-alpha and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed that Ni in solution destroys the cell membrane of neutrophils, whereas Ti and V in solution stimulate neutrophils and… CONTINUE READING

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