Effects of Thienodiazepine Derivatives, Etizolam and Clotiazepam on the Appearance of Fm θ

  title={Effects of Thienodiazepine Derivatives, Etizolam and Clotiazepam on the Appearance of Fm $\theta$},
  author={Jun Nakamura and Hirokazu Mukasa},
  journal={Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences},
Abstract: The effects of new thienodiazepine anxiolytics, etlzolam and clotiazepam, on the appearance of frontal midline theta activity (Fm θ) were studied by the double‐blind crossover method. The results were 88 follows: 1) Both clotiazepam and placebo tended to increase the Fm θ appearance in all subjects, but etlzolam showed no such tendency. 2) Clotlazepaam significantly increased the Fm θ appearance as compared with placebo in subjects with a high neurotic tendency (N‐scale of MPI above… Expand
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