Effects of Therapeutic Touch On Tension Headache Pain

  title={Effects of Therapeutic Touch On Tension Headache Pain},
  author={Elizabeth Keller and Vincent Bzdek},
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Therapeutic touch (TT) is a modern derivative of the laying on of hands that involves touching with the intent to help or heal. This study investigated the effects of TT on tension headache pain in comparison with a placebo simulation of TT. Sixty volunteer subjects with tension headaches were randomly divided into treatment and placebo groups. The McGill-Melzack Pain Questionnaire was used to measure headache pain levels before each intervention, immediately afterward, and 4 hours later. A… 

The effect of therapeutic touch on pain and anxiety in burn patients.

Subjects who received TT reported significantly greater reduction in pain on the McGill Pain Questionnaire Pain Rating Index and Number of Words Chosen and greater Reduction in anxiety on the Visual Analogue Scale for Anxiety than did those who received sham TT.

The effect of Therapeutic Touch on Back Pain in Adults on a Neurological Unit: An Experimental Pilot Study

The Effect of Therapeutic Touch on Postoperative Patients

Evidence supports TT as a beneficial intervention with patients and there is evidence to support incorporating TT into nursing practice, according to a between-subjects intervention study.

A Pilot Study

There were no statistically significant changes in any between-group comparisons, except for present pain on Day 4 for the ACM group, and the pre- to postintervention reductions in present pain were greater in theHTM group across all 4 days, but the only statistically significant within groups findings were in the HTM group on Day 1.

Therapeutic Touch and Postoperative Pain: A Rogerian Research Study

  • T. Meehan
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Nursing science quarterly
  • 1993
Primary analyses suggest that therapeutic touch may decrease patients' need for analgesic medication, and Meehan's research study concerning the conceptualization of therapeutictouch within Rogers' science of unitary human beings and an investigation of the effects of therapeutic touch on pain experience in postoperative patients is details.

The effect of therapeutic touch on anxiety patients with irritable bowel syndrome

The result showed that there is a significant difference between experimental and control group in state anxiety scores, in the other words, therapeutic touch reduced state anxiety in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

WITHDRAWN: Touch therapies for pain relief in adults.

Two of the five studies evaluating analgesic usage supported the claim that touch therapies minimized analgesicusage, and the placebo effect was also explored.

The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Touch for Decreasing Pain in Elders with Degenerative Arthritis

Differences in effectiveness existed between the IT and PMR groups; the pain and distress scores were lower in the PMR group.