Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Sprint and Jump Performance in Boys and Girls

  title={Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Sprint and Jump Performance in Boys and Girls},
  author={Giorgos P Paradisis and Panagiotis Pappas and Apostolos S. Theodorou and Elias G Zacharogiannis and Emmanouil K. Skordilis and Athanasia Smirniotou},
  journal={Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research},
Abstract Paradisis, GP, Pappas, PT, Theodorou, AS, Zacharogiannis, EG, Skordilis, EK, and Smirniotou, AS. Effects of static and dynamic stretching on sprint and jump performance in boys and girls. J Strength Cond Res 28(1): 154–160, 2014—The aim of this study was to investigate the acute effects of static (SS) and dynamic stretching (DS) on explosive power, flexibility, and sprinting ability of adolescent boys and girls and to report possible gender interactions. Forty-seven active adolescent… 

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Chronic Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Hamstrings Eccentric Strength and Functional Performance: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
It is suggested that static stretching training is sufficient to produce meaningful reductions on hamstrings eccentric torque and functional performance, and caution should be taken when prescribing of static stretched training in isolation.
Acute Effects of Stretching on Leg and Vertical Stiffness During Treadmill Running
Investigation of the influence of SS and DS on selected kinematic variables, and leg and vertical stiffness during treadmill running found DS seems to result in a small increase in lower-limb force production which may influence running mechanics.
The Acute Effects of Static Stretching on Speed and Agility Performance Depend on Stretch Duration and Conditioning Level
It seems that individuals of lower speed and agility performance level are more likely to benefit by a short-duration SS protocol, whereas longer- duration SS protocols have neither positive nor negative effect.
Acute Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on the Sprint and Countermovement Jump of Basketball Players
IntroductionBasketball is a dynamic team sport and one of the most popular sports worldwide. Numerous male and female athletes are involved in basketball training and all of them should develop motor
Interset Stretching vs. Traditional Strength Training: Effects on Muscle Strength and Size in Untrained Individuals.
The data are not sufficient to conclude that ISS is superior to TST for inducing muscle hypertrophic adaptations, but the findings support that adding ISS to regular TST regimens does not compromise muscular adaptations.
Effect of deep transverse friction massage vs stretching on football players’ performance
BACKGROUND Flexibility, agility and muscle strength are key factors to either win or lose a game. Recently the effect of a new technique, deep transverse friction massage (DTFM) on muscle
The effects of a combined static-dynamic stretching protocol on athletic performance in elite Gaelic footballers: A randomised controlled crossover trial.
Sport-Specific Warm-Up Attenuates Static Stretching- Induced Negative Effects on Vertical Jump But Not Neuromuscular Excitability in Basketball Players.
It seems that SBWU attenuates negative acute effects of SS on vertical jump performance in young basketball players, while DS appears to cause no significant acute effect for this population.
Does the Expectancy on the Static Stretching Effect Interfere With Strength-Endurance Performance?
Examining whether the manipulation of subjects' expectancy of SS on force production could influence strength-endurance during unilateral knee extension exercise found that previous positive information about SS improved performance in the last set of exercise, suggesting that expectancy may have played a partial role influencing strength- endurance in previous studies.


The Acute Effects of Dynamic and Ballistic Stretching on Vertical Jump Height, Force, and Power
It seems that neither dynamic stretching nor ballistic stretching will result in an increase in vertical jump height or force, however, dynamic stretching elicited gains in jump power poststretch.
The Effect of Static Stretching on Phases of Sprint Performance in Elite Soccer Players
Findings provide evidence that static stretching exerts a negative effect on sprint performance and should not be included as part of the preparation routine for physical activity that requires sprinting.
Acute Effects of Static and Ballistic Stretching on Measures of Strength and Power
Despite no adverse effect on VJ, stretching did cause a decrease in lower-extremity power, which was surprising, and strength coaches would be better served to use dynamic stretching before activity.
The results indicated that there was no significant difference in VJ scores as a result of static or ballistic stretching, elapsed time, or initial flexibility scores, suggesting that stretching prior to competition may not negatively affect the performance of trained women.
Effects of Dynamic and Static Stretching on Vertical Jump Performance and Electromyographic Activity
Some physiological basis is provided for the inclusion of DS and exclusion of SS in preparation for activities requiring jumping performance, and SS has a negative influence on VJ performance, whereas DS has a positive impact.
Effect of Warm-Ups Involving Static or Dynamic Stretching on Agility, Sprinting, and Jumping Performance in Trained Individuals
Trainers who wish to implement static stretching should include an adequate warm-up and dynamic sport-specific activities with at least 5 or more minutes of recovery before their sport activity.
The Acute Effects of Static Stretching on the Sprint Performance of Collegiate Men in the 60- and 100-m Dash After a Dynamic Warm-Up
Results revealed a significant slowing in performance with static stretching in the second 20 (20-40) m of the sprint trials, so in strict terms of performance, it seems harmful to include static stretch in the warm-up protocol of collegiate male sprinters in distances up to 100 m.
Acute Effect of Different Stretching Methods on Illinois Agility Test in Soccer Players
The data from this study suggest that more experienced players demonstrate better agility skills due to years of training and playing soccer.
Effects of running, static stretching and practice jumps on explosive force production and jumping performance.
The results indicated that submaximum running and practice jumps had a positive effect whereas static stretching had a negative influence on explosive force and jumping performance and it was suggested that an alternative for static stretching should be considered in warm-ups prior to power activities.
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    Journal of strength and conditioning research
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The data indicate that a warm-up including static stretching may negatively impact jump performance, but not sprint time, and that men ran faster and jumped higher than the women did.