Effects of Sog on Dpp-Receptor Binding

  title={Effects of Sog on Dpp-Receptor Binding},
  author={Yuan Lou and Qing Nie and Frederic Y. M. Wan},
  journal={SIAM journal on applied mathematics},
  volume={65 5},
Concentration gradients of morphogens are known to be instrumental in cell signaling and tissue patterning. Of interest here is how the presence of a competitor of BMP ligands affects cell signaling. The effects of Sog on the binding of Dpp with cell receptors are analyzed for dorsal-ventral morphogen gradient formation in vertebrate and Drosophila embryos. This prototype system includes diffusing ligands, degradation of morphogens, and cleavage of Dpp-Sog complexes by Tolloid to free up Dpp… CONTINUE READING