Effects of Saffan administered intravenously in the horse.

  title={Effects of Saffan administered intravenously in the horse.},
  author={Frazier Eales},
  journal={The Veterinary record},
  volume={99 14},
Saffan was injected intravenously on 41 occasions in 11 horses and ponies to investigate its possible use in clinical equine anaesthesia. The optimum dose for induction was 1-90 mg per kg. This dose was divided into two halves, the first half given in five seconds and the second half, containing suxamethonium chloride 0.1 mg per kg, in the next 10 seconds. Induction was associated with excitement for up to 30 secs after the assumption of recumbency. At this dose rate anaesthesia lasted five to… CONTINUE READING

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