Effects of Resveratrol on Vitrified Porcine Oocytes

  title={Effects of Resveratrol on Vitrified Porcine Oocytes},
  author={Elisa Giaretta and Marcella Spinaci and Diego Alonso Bucci and Carlo Tamanini and Giovanna Galeati},
  booktitle={Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity},
Vitrified MII porcine oocytes are characterized by reduced developmental competence, associated with the activation of the apoptotic pathway. Resveratrol (R), a polyphenolic compound present in several vegetal sources, has been reported to exert, among all its other biological effects, an antiapoptotic one. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of R (2  µM) on the apoptotic status of porcine oocytes vitrified by Cryotop method, evaluating phosphatidylserine (PS) exteriorization and… CONTINUE READING

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