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Effects of Reiki on pain and anxiety in the elderly diagnosed with dementia: a series of case reports.

  title={Effects of Reiki on pain and anxiety in the elderly diagnosed with dementia: a series of case reports.},
  author={B. Meland},
  journal={Alternative therapies in health and medicine},
  volume={15 4},
  • B. Meland
  • Published 1 July 2009
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Alternative therapies in health and medicine
Six participants in the Great Opportunities Adult Day Services in Skokie, Illinois (an affi liate of Presbyterian Homes), between the ages of 68 and 91 years with diagnosed dementia as well as anxiety and pain were selected to receive a 20-minute Reiki therapy session twice a week for 4 weeks. A registered nurse with a digital monitor recorded their blood pressure and heart rate before and after each session. The Wong-Baker Smiley Face Scale was used to assess the participants’ general level of… 

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