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Effects of Reiki energy therapy on saphenous vein incision pain: A randomized clinical trial study

  title={Effects of Reiki energy therapy on saphenous vein incision pain: A randomized clinical trial study},
  author={Elham Shaybak and Abdolghani Abdollahimohammad and Mozhgan Rahnama and Nosratollah Masinaeinezhad and Changiz Azadi-Ahmadabadi and Mohammadreza Firouzkohi},
Purpose: This study aimed to determine the effect of energy therapy on saphenous vein incision pain after coronary artery bypass grafting [CABG]. Methods: Forty patients after CABG were randomly assigned to Reiki and Sham Reiki groups. The intensity and sensory as well as affective qualities of pain were measured before and after the interventions. The patients underwent Reiki healing energy and sham Reiki for 9 minutes. The short and modified version of the McGill pain questionnaire and the… 
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