Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis

  title={Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis},
  author={Jayne L. Walker and John Archer and Michelle Davies},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
Previous studies of the effects of rape on men have focused mainly on clinical populations. This study extended current research by investigating the effects of rape on a non-clinical sample of men recruited from the general population by media advertising. A total of 40 male rape victims were asked to provide details of their assaults, levels of psychological disturbance, long-term effects, and reporting issues. Results revealed that most assaults had been carried out using physical or violent… 
Effects of male rape on psychological functioning.
Logistic regression showed that lack of treatment after the assault predicted suicide attempts, and the male rape group had much poorer psychological functioning than the controls, lower self-worth, and lowerSelf-esteem.
“Men Cannot Be Raped”: Correlates of Male Rape Myth Acceptance
Examination of demographics, personal experiences with rape, and belief systems relate to rape myth adherence for male victims demonstrates that rape myths operate similarly for male and female victims.
The Influence of Aggressiveness on Rape-Myth Acceptance among University Students
The detrimental effects of rape are well established. In order to support victims of rape in reporting sexual assault, the factors which predict rape myths need to be investigated. Aggression has
Effects of Sexual Assaults on Men: Physical, Mental and Sexual Consequences
The literature suggests a range of possible/occasional consequences, but no well-established patterns of injuries, psychological/emotional reactions or sexual responses/adjustments for male sexual assault victims.
Blaming victims of rape: Studies on rape myths and beliefs about rape
Rape is a crime characterized by low reporting and conviction rates. Many victims who do report, drop out during the justice process. This is a problem both for the victims themselves and for the
Police Perceptions of Rape as Function of Victim Gender and Sexuality
This study investigated United Kingdom police workers' perceptions of adult rape when victim gender and victim sexual orientation were manipulated. Based on the work of Davies, Pollard and Archer
A comparative study of long‐term psychological functioning in male survivors of stranger and acquaintance rape
The aim of the present study was to compare psychological functioning in male rape survivors who had been raped either by strangers or acquaintances, and to test differences between the functioning
Male rape: what we know, don’t know and need to find out—a critical review
ABSTRACT Male rape is a prevalent issue in society that can have a profound number of negative effects on a victim. Research into male rape is estimated to be roughly 20 years behind female rape, but


Male rape: offenders and victims.
The impact of rape on the male victims was similar to that on female victims, disrupting their biopsychosocial functioning; however, male rape appears to be underreported due to the stigma associated with it.
Psychological Reactions of Women Who Have Been Raped
All victims showed, initially, high levels of distress or some psychopathology but only the rape victims were reliable in attending follow-up appointments, and the particular difficulties in counselling and research in this area were highlighted by this pilot work.
Victims and Perpetrators of Male Sexual Assault
Within the literature, two differing accounts of male sexual assault are hypothesized—one is the view that it is perpetrated by offenders who are characteristically homosexual, and the other that it
Males as sexual assault victims: multiple levels of trauma.
The article focuses on the psychological aftermath for sexual assault victims, and a paradigm is offered, consisting of "Set-up," "Attack," and "Aftermath" phases.
Reaction to Self‐Attributed Victim Responsibility: A Comparative Analysis of Rape Crisis Counselors and Lay Observers1
This research examined observers' reactions to sexual assault victims engaging in different forms of self-attributed responsibility. Theory and research suggests that behavioral responsibility
Same-sex rape of nonincarcerated men.
In their work with a population of military men, the authors reviewed the psychiatric evaluations of 13 such victims, ages 18 to 31, over a 2-year period, and almost half of these victims reported that they had experienced subsequent sexual problems.
A Comparative Study of Male and Female Rape Victims Seen at a Hospital-Based Rape Crisis Program
The purposes of this study were to gather descriptive information on male rape victims and to compare male and female victims in regard to victim and assault characteristics and immediate postrape
Violence and Victimization of Lesbians and Gay Men
This article describes some of the major psychosocial challenges faced by lesbian and gay male survivors of hate crimes, their significant others, and the gay community as a whole. When an individual
Medical and social aspects of sexual assault of males: a survey of 100 victims.
It is suggested that greater opportunities for medical and psychological support should be given to male victims of sexual assault.