Effects of Prolonged Consumption of Pornography on Family Values

  title={Effects of Prolonged Consumption of Pornography on Family Values},
  author={Dolf Zillmann and J. Alison Bryant},
  journal={Journal of Family Issues},
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Male and female students and nonstudents were exposed to videotapes featuring common, nonviolent pornography or innocuous content. Exposure was in hourly sessions in six consecutive weeks. In the seventh week, subjects participated in an ostensibly unrelated study on societal institutions and personal gratifications. Marriage, cohabitational relationships, and related issues were judged on an especially created Value-of-Marriage questionnaire. The findings showed a consistent impact of… 

United States Women and Pornography Through Four Decades: Exposure, Attitudes, Behaviors, Individual Differences

The positive association between pornography exposure and women’s recent sexual behavior was strongest for the most liberal women and weakest for the least conservative women, and liberal–conservative ideology moderated the association.

U.S. Males and Pornography, 1973–2010: Consumption, Predictors, Correlates

  • P. Wright
  • Psychology
    Journal of sex research
  • 2013
Cross-sectional General Social Survey data gathered between 1973 and 2010 was used to assess claims that pornography consumption was associated with having more positive attitudes toward teenage sex, adult premarital sex, and extramarital sex and public health researchers’ concerns about males’ use of pornography consumption.

More than a dalliance? Pornography consumption and extramarital sex attitudes among married U.S. adults.

Extramarital sex is one of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce. U.S. adults who have more positive extramarital sex attitudes are more likely to engage in extramarital sex. Given

Internet Pornography Use Among Collegiate Women: Gender Attitudes, Body Monitoring, and Sexual Behavior

Pornography use has become more commonplace since the advent of high-speed Internet, yet there is little investigation that is exclusively targeted to women’s use of pornography. Given the paradox of

A National Prospective Study of Pornography Consumption and Gendered Attitudes Toward Women

Abstract Whether consuming pornography leads to gendered attitudes toward women has been debated extensively. Researchers have primarily studied pornography’s contribution to gendered sexual

Internet pornography: associations with sexual risk behaviour, sexual scripts & use within relationships

The production and consumption of internet pornography is widespread, particularly as a result of its highly available, accessible and anonymous nature. Pornography may be an important influence upon

Internet Pornography Exposure and Women's Attitude Towards Extramarital Sex: An Exploratory Study

Pornography research has primarily focused on male sexuality. This exploratory study assessed the association between adult U.S. women's exposure to Internet pornography and attitude towards

Sex Education, Public Opinion, and Pornography: A Conditional Process Analysis

  • P. Wright
  • Psychology
    Journal of health communication
  • 2018
A moderated-mediation path analysis indicated that pornography consumption was associated with support for sex education through more acceptance of teenage sex, but that this indirect effect was moderated by religiosity, which is consistent with 3AM tenets about the role of sexual scripts in mass media socialization and factors that increase the likelihood of sexual scripting effects.


Longitudinal analyses showed that early exposure to sexually explicit content in adult magazines, X-rated movies, and the Internet predicted less progressive gender role attitudes, more permissive sexual norms, sexual harassment perpetration, and having oral sex and sexual intercourse two years later.



Pornography's Impact on Sexual Satisfaction1

Male and female students and nonstudents were exposed to videotapes featuring common, nonviolent pornography or innocuous content. Exposure was in hourly sessions in six consecutive weeks. In the


Male and female students and nonstudents were exposed to one hour of common, nonviolent pornography or to sexually and aggressively innocuous materials in each of six consecutive weeks. Two weeks

Principles of behavior modification

ions as internal properties of clients rather than as hypothetical constructs of therapists has resulted in considerable confusion about the types of changes effected by different approaches to the

The Role of Category Accessibility in the Interpretation of Information About Persons: Some Determinants and Implications

Many personality trait terms can be thought of as summary labels for broad conceptual categories that are used to encode information about an individual's behavior into memory. The likelihood that a

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The phenomenon of learning has always been of fundamental interest to psychologists. Although much of the research in this area approaches the process of learning as a consequence of direct

Priming and Frequency Estimation

An experiment was conducted as a strict test of the availability heuristic. The availability of words containing a particular kiter was directly manipulated through a subliminal priming procedure.